Going to Court

Good people in Utah often fear speaking with an attorney because they think it means they have to sue someone or go to court and testify. This is not true. Taking someone to court is optional. Personal Injury cases can be resolved and medical bills paid through out-of-court negotiations, mediation, and arbitration or by demanding fair settlement from an insurance company.

No one wants to face the arduous and emotionally draining process of fighting in court. If there is a dispute on facts and evidence, going to court may be unavoidable when pursuing justice. Attorney Dustin Matthews has courtroom experience with auto accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death, personal injury, dog bites, chemical exposure, premises safety, product liability and appealing court orders from trial court.

Preparing for Settlements or Trial

To strengthen your case for settlement, our firm prepares it for trial immediately after accepting your case. Many other law firms accept cases with the intent of settling them and they never adequately prepare the case for trial. Insurance companies keep statistics on law firms and personal injury attorneys and they know which lawyers are willing to go to trial and which lawyers will accept a settlement for less than the case is worth.

We work with accident reconstructionist, medical care providers, investigators, police, and other professionals to prove negligence and damages, and argue for the high compensation. It is our goal to fully explore every relevant aspect to make sure that we maximize the value of your case.

Sometimes taking cases to trial offers the best leverage to force at-fault parties and insurance companies to pay the amount they know you deserve. In many cases it is much more than they think you deserve. Dustin R. Matthews is willing to bring your case before a jury as soon as possible if the defendants attempt to shortchange clients or their families.